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Special Opportunities

Graduate, professional, and co-curricular opportunities for honors students.

Direct Admission Programs

Early Admission Graduate Programs

Direct Admission to the School of Journalism and Mass Communication

As you may already know, students must submit a formal application for admission to the School of Journalism and Mass Communication after they have completed one or more semesters at the University. However, new freshman in the University Honors Program are eligible to be admitted directly to the journalism major if they apply during their first semester at the University.

This early admission opportunity is only available to UHP freshmen in fall semester. Participants will have early access to the full range of opportunities in the School’s dynamic program. For example, you will be able to meet with a faculty advisor during your first semester at the University, and you will be eligible to apply for the School’s scholarships in spring semester.

To take advantage of this opportunity, you must declare the journalism major in your first fall semester. If you wait until spring semester or beyond, you will have to apply for admission to the School along with all other students interested in the major.

Program Details and Timeline

Fall 2013

  • Enroll in Jour 1001H or Jour 1001
  • Tell your Honors advisor that you want to declare a major in Journalism during your orientation meeting or during the summer.
  • If you would like to learn more about the major before indicating your intent to declare, or would like to indicate your intent after the first day of class (but before the end the of fall semester), contact Rebecca Rassier, Coordinator of Student Services for the School of Journalism and Mass Communication via phone (612-625-0120) or If you would like to meet with Professor Dan Sullivan, Faculty Honors Representative, you can contact him as well.
  • Attend the Journalism Honors Student Welcome and Information Kick-Off meeting in early fall semester in Murphy Hall. If you indicate your intent to declare the major by the first day of classes, you will be invited to this event.
  • As part of the declaration process, you will be asked to write a two page statement of intent (Journalism will contact you and give you more information about the statement). You will then be assigned a faculty advisor whose academic and professional interests closely match your own. The Kick-Off meeting will assist this process; if you can't attend the meeting or you declare the major later in the semester, check in with Professor Sullivan about your faculty advisor assignment.

Spring 2014

  • Enroll in Jour 3004V
  • Apply for CLA and SJMC Scholarships
  • Complete a major program plan with your faculty advisor

For more information about SJMC anbd UHP, visit the program website. Feel free to contact your UHP advisor with questions as well.

Humphrey School of Public Affairs Early Admission

The Humphrey School of Public Affairs allows undergraduate students the opportunity for early admissions to the Master of Public Policy, Master of Urban and Regional Planning, and the Master of Science in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy programs. Early admission to these degree programs will allow students to begin graduate work in advance of receiving their undergraduate degree and apply up to 15 credits of master's-level courses to their undergraduate degree.

Program Details

  • Students must meet a GPA of 3.5 of above to be considered for this program
  • Students will receive appropriate advising in both the Humphrey School of Public Affairs and the University Honors Program
  • Students will be allowed to apply up to 15 graduate-level course credits taken while enrolled as an undergraduate to their graduate program
  • Students who are granted early admission will be undergraduate students until they have completed all of their undergraduate degree requirements
  • Students will matriculate into the graduate program after the award of their bachelor's degree. Their early admission to the graduate program is conditional upon the completion of the undergraduate degree

For more information about the Humphrey School's graduate programs, please visit or call 612-624-3800. For more information regarding the early admission process, please contact your UHP advisor.

MBA in Two

Carlson School of Management's MBA in Two is a selective, deferred-admission Master of Business Administration program for undergraduate students.

  • Apply to Carlson during your senior year
  • Participate in career coaching, professional development, and mentorships after graduation
  • Start your MBA after two years of professional work experience

Ideal candidates for MBA in Two have:

  • Proven leadership and collaboration skills
  • An undergraduate major in any field
  • Career interests in any industry in which management or leadership skills are important

Application & More Information

Interested students can use the online application. For further information, direct questions to:

Christine Foster
Associate Director of Admissions & Recruiting
Carlson School of Management

(612) 626-2954