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Honors NEXUS Experiences

Honors NEXUS Experiences, while distinct in content and format, all share the goal of bringing together students and faculty from across the University in small groups to engage in non-standard learning models. Details on each experience may be found below.

UHP welcomes ideas for future experiences—please send them to Chair of the Honors NEXUS Experience Pilot Project Committee.

Proposed Experiences for Academic Year 2017–18

Please watch your UMN email account for "applications" and more information in August 2017.

  • Honors Lecture Series: The Successes and Failures of the American Higher Education System
  • The Washington Post Experience
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Cultural Experience Portfolio
  • Archives and Social Justice
  • Transformative Conversations
  • Laboratory Research Sampler
  • Acara Environmental Challenge
  • Mississippi River Experience

Past Experiences

Spring 2017 Experiences

Fall 2016 Experiences

Dracula in Multimedia: An Undead Honors Experience

The University Honors Program is proud to present a special Honors Experience for the fall semester—Dracula in Multimedia. This UHP-curated, interdisciplinary, non-course Honors Experience is the first of its kind. Ten students will work closely with a group of seven different faculty members from various disciplinary backgrounds to explore the story of Dracula through Hollywood films, classic literature, dance, television, graphic novels, video games, and more.

Experience Details

  • Apply online by 4pm on Friday, August 26, 2016
  • View the schedule and a list of participating faculty
  • All experience materials (books, dance/film tickets, etc.) are provided by UHP
  • Fulfills one non-course Honors experience
  • Questions? Contact
  • Can't participate? You can still enjoy some of the films and performances! Details this fall in The Weekly News.

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Lecture Series: Six Women, Six Topics, Six Perspectives

UHP is proud to present "Six Women for '16–'17" in a lecture series comprising a diverse blend of topics, values, experiences, and perspectives. Participants (up to 24 current UHP students) will attend the lectures, discuss them in small groups with a diverse mix of faculty (and often with the speakers themselves), and write a final synthesis paper as a non-course Honors experience. This year we are proud to welcome the following speakers to campus (all lectures held in Ted Mann Concert Hall unless otherwise noted):

  • September 26: Karin Vélez, Macalester College — "'Well-Behaved Women (and Animals) Seldom Make History': Questioning Behavior Standards in the History of Religion." Co-sponsored by the Religious Studies Program
  • October 25: Mary Cleave, NASA — "Being a woman at NASA in 1980s and 90s." Co-sponsored by the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation.
  • January 24: Rachel Campos-Duffy, Television Personality — "Feminism: Why Gloria Steinem and Sheryl Sandberg Prove Conservatives are the Real Feminists."
  • February 21: Linda Holmes, National Public Radio — "And Me Without My Pink Cocktail: Images Of Women In Television."
  • March 21: Marjorieth Sanmartin, Grey Worldwide — "From Strife to Strength: Seven Laws for Women Surviving in a Male-Dominated Business World of Rapid Global Change".
  • April 13: Elizabeth Kolbert, The New Yorker — "The Sixth Extinction." Co-sponsored by Friends of the Libraries and presented on the Carlson Family Stage in Northrop.

Experience Details

  • Apply online by 12pm on Friday, September 2nd
  • Fulflls one non-course Honors Experience
  • We will accept up to 24 students
  • Participants must attend five of the six lectures and discussions, and complete five of the six assigend readings
  • Participants must complete a synthesis paper at the end of the series, finding connecition points between disparate lecture topics
  • Each participant will have an opportuntiy to join a group dinner with one of the speakers, courtesy of UHP
  • All materials (tickets, texts, etc.) provided by UHP

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Contract Bridge

Contract Bridge is a trick-taking game played with standard 52-card deck that can help hone skills like memory, communication, and strategy—and you can earn an Honors Experience this year for learning how to play! Participants in this experience will attend weekly meetings with two key components: lecture and practicum. Faculty will lecture on aspects of bridge rules, bidding, card-play technique, scoring, table presence, and tournament bridge culture. Faculty will also show how the skills of the game—memorization, concentration, communication, contingency planning, analytics, etc.— have applied to their own research and/or teaching.

Experience Details

  • Apply online by 12pm on Tuesday, November 15, 2016
  • Fulfills one non-course Honors Experience
  • Space for up to 48 students
  • Meets every Monday of Spring '17 semester from 5:30–7:30pm in the Middlebrook Hall Terrace Room
  • Capstone competition at end of semester
  • Short, final paper detailing thoughts on game skills and application to your field(s) of study
  • We hope to revivify the UMN bridge club (including non-UHP students) and to eventually field nationally competitive teams!

Participating Faculty

  • Matt Bribitzer-Stull, Music
  • Paul Gutterman, Accounting
  • Eric Hendrickson, Biochemistry
  • Leon Hsu, CEHD Curriculum and Instruction
  • Nita Krevans, Classics
  • Glen Meeden, Statistics
  • Harry Sapienza, Business

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New York Times

What can you learn by reading the newspaper every day? Find out this winter break, and earn an Honors Experience in the process! A group of up to 24 students and 5 faculty will meet each day for one week, read the daily New York Times from 9am–12pm, break for lunch, and return for an afternoon of lively discussion.

Experience Details

  • Apply online by 12pm on Tuesday, November 15, 2016
  • Fulfills one non-course Honors Experience
  • Space for up to 24 students
  • Meets 9am–4pm from January 9–15, 2017
  • Location TBD
  • Live in the dorms? Upper-class UHP students are willing to host you for the week!

Participating Faculty

  • Matt Bribitzer-Stull, Music
  • Chris Ison, Journalism
  • Pamela Enz, Graphic Design
  • Jennifer Alexander, History of Science; Mechanical Engineering
  • Craig Packer, Ecology, Evolution & Behavior

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