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Honors Seminars

Teaching an honors course is a unique opportunity to work with fully-engaged, high-ability students in an interactive environment. As the program grows we want to expand our curricular offerings with new honors seminars from faculty across the University addressing the technical, economic, societal, cultural and ethical aspects of the many challenges facing our society in the 21st century.

Seminars are offered for two or three credits, typically lack specific course prerequisites, and have enrollments limited to no more than 20 to 25 students. 2xxx-level seminars are designed to be introductory and yet comprehensive courses focused on innovative ideas and topical issues. 3xxx-level seminars may address more complex themes through advanced reading, writing, and critical thinking.

The call for AY 2015–16 HSem proposals will be posted early in the fall 2014 semester.

Contact Pamela Baker at 612-624-4048 or with questions.


  • program requirements
  • processes and forms
  • advising and reading theses

Check with the faculty honors representative in your department.