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The Weekly News

A weekly digest of updates, opportunities, and events for UHP students

April 19, 2015

Honors News

Reminder: The Honors Edge is Tomorrow!

The University Honors Program prides itself on providing a platform for creative, passionate, and extraordinary students to achieve greatness. Through exhilarating courses, renowned research, meaningful leadership opportunities, and learning abroad, UHP students can actively shape their college careers and prepare for life after graduation. Join us tomorrow, April 20th from 3–4pm in Northrop 240 for The Honors Edge— a panel of students and advisors will share stories and experiences that will help you make the most of your time as an undergraduate at the U! Please RSVP here.

Sophomore Scholarships Info Session

Sophomores, now is the time to start thinking about competitive scholarships for the next two years and beyond. Come to the Sophomore Scholarships Session on Monday, April 27, 4:30–5:30pm in 240 Northrop to learn about the possibilities.

Med School Panel

Is Medical School in your future? Then you don't want to miss this event! Join us Monday April 27th at 2:45pm in Northrop 240 as we welcome Dimple Patel—Associate Dean of Admissions at the Medical School—and a panel of future Med School students who will share everything you need to know about the admissions process. From the MCAT to recommendation letters, this program will cover it all and leave time for questions! Reserve your seat here.

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Other News and Opportunities

Summer Arts Internships for All Majors

The Department of Art offers internships at the Katherine E. Nash Gallery each fall, spring and summer term. Interns install and de-install exhibitions, handle and ship artwork, learn lighting techniques, and maintain the gallery spaces. This summer's internship will focus on the inner workings of a professional gallery through the installation of video and photography work by one of America’s most influential and prolific artists of the postwar era. Covered in Time and History: The Films of Ana Mendieta will be the largest collection of the artist’s work ever shown in the US. Find more info by searching for "ARTS 3499" in the online course catalog.

Now Hiring: 2015 Grads!

Still looking for a full-time position? Connect with 30+ representatives from a variety of staffing agencies looking to hire U of M seniors and recent grads, at the "Now Hiring: 2014 Grads" Career Event on Wednesday, May 6th from 2–4:30pm on the 2nd floor of the Recreation Center. Please register via GoldPASS or The Edge.

Collaborative Healthcare Event

Come to the 5th Annual Collaborative Healthcare Event on April 29th from 6:30–8:30pm in 50b Humphrey. This event focuses on bringing pre-health students together to discuss the roles that different healthcare providers play when caring for the health of their patients. This is an event for anyone interested in healthcare, no matter your future profession! At the event, students will hear from a keynote speaker and work through a complex case study. RSVP online.

History Day Mentor Program

National History Day in Minnesota is looking for undergraduate students interested in history, history education, or community service! The History Day Mentoring Program is a PAID internship where undergraduates have the opportunity to mentor middle school and high school students as they create original projects. Working with the History Day program will help you build your resume, introduce you to career opportunities in education and public history, and support connections between the U and the community. A short application for prospective mentors can be found online. The deadline for applications is Wednesday, April 22nd. If you have any questions, please

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Campus and Community Events

Monday: Collective Intelligence, Individual Intelligence, Social Intelligence

Monday, 11am, N219 Elliott: Dr. Christopher Chabris will discuss the parallels and divergences between several recent findings about the nature of collective intelligence in small groups and the mechanisms that explain individual differences in cognitive ability. More info.

Monday: Uncivil Rites—Palestine, Indigenous Peoples, & Academic Freedom

Monday, 3:30pm, 5 Blegen: Steven Salaita presents "Uncivil Rites: Palestine, Indigenous Peoples, & Academic Freedom." Salaita is a scholar, author, and public speaker who became notable when the University of Illinois withdrew its formal offer of employment as a professor of American Indian Studies after attention was drawn to his controversial tweets on the 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict. This talk will examine how academic freedom is restricted around issues of decolonization and assess how critique of American and Israeli colonization might be productively undertaken. More info.

Tuesday: Agricultural Awareness Day

Tuesday, 9am–3pm, Northrop Plaza: American agriculture is responsible for providing the necessities of everyday life. . . food, fiber, and even fuel. That’s the message that University of Minnesota Agricultural Education students will share at Agriculture Awareness Day. Producers, agricultural associations, corporations, government agencies and University students will gather to share the story of agriculture with University students, faculty and staff. More info.

Tuesday: Wording Out! Northrop Open Mic Night

Tuesday, 6pm, Northrop Plaza: With Wording out!, Northrop is creating an environment where students from all performance areas can come together and showcase their love of words. Registration begins at 6pm and Open Mic kicks off at 6:30pm. FREE food and beverages while supplies last! More info.

Tuesday: Earth 2.0—Habitable Exoplanets?

Tuesday, 7pm, Bryant-Lake Bowl, Mpls: Dr. Chick Woodward of the U's Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics prefers to think of the title for this upcoming Café Scientifique event as Earth 2.0+. Why? According to Dr. Woodward, that will be the start of his narrative arc: "There are lots of 'mirror Earths,' but like the midway at the State Fair, the view depends on the mirror you are using. . . " Come discover the meaning behind Dr. Woodward's cipher, and the significance it holds for the future of life in the Universe! More info.

Wednesday: Undergraduate Research Symposium

Wednesday, 11:30am–4:30pm, Coffman Great Hall: The Undergraduate Research Symposium is a poster presentation event at which students across colleges showcase their research projects to the University community and beyond. Over 250 undergraduate students will present on a vast range of topics. . . deepening our understanding of undergraduate research and bringing to light differing perspectives from across the University and among a wide range of disciplines. More info.

Wednesday: IMA Public Lecture—The Living Art of Mathematics

Wednesday, 7pm, 2-470 Phillips-Wangensteen: The IMA Public Lecture series presents Cédric Villani, a French mathematician working primarily on partial differential equations and mathematical physics. Villani—recenlty touted as "The Lady Gaga of French Mathematicians" by The New Yorker—is a professor at the University of Lyon and the director of the Institut Henri Poincaré. He has been the recipient of the Jacques Herbrand Prize, the Prize of the European Mathematical Society, the Fermat Prize, and the Henri Poincaré Prize. In 2010, he was awarded the Fields Medal for his work on nonlinear Landau damping and the Botlzmann equation. Villani will explore how mathematicians, obsessed with the notion of elegance, consider themselves as artists and poets in a form of art that is more alive than ever. More info.

Thursday: Global Disorder and What We Need from the Next President

Thursday, 12pm, HHH: Disorder and crisis appears to define international affairs as President Obama heads into his final stretch and the 2016 presidential campaign starts. Is America actually facing unprecedented global disorder and possibly a decline in its stature? Can the next president reverse the current tumult and calm the waters and, if so, how? What do we most need in the next president to manage American international interests and what surprises may she or he face in 2017? One of Minnesota’s most distinguished former diplomats—Brian Atwood—will join us to sort out these thorny and important challenges. More info.

Thursday: Van Vleck Public Lecture—Click: The 3D Universe

Thursday, 7pm, 150 Tate: We now live in a time when it is possible to map the Universe. We know that galaxies like our own Milky Way trace the largest patterns in nature. These patterns, first uncovered by astrophysicists from 1986–1989, extend for hundreds of millions of light years. Now with large telescopes, we can trace the evolution of these patterns and compare them with some of the world’s largest computer simulations. This 39th Van Vleck Public Lecture will feature astrophysicist Margaret J. Geller from the Harvard–Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, who will explore this fascinating issue. More info.

Friday: 46th Annual University of Minnesota Iron Pour

Friday, 11am–4pm, Foundry, Regis Center: Join students and visiting artists for the 46th University of Minnesota Iron Pour! Participants will work together to perform an aesthetic, athletic, pyrotechnic event, pouring molten iron into sand molds to make cast iron sculptures. More info.

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